Let’s trap confusion!

There seem to be many different brands of spider traps available online, in big-box stores and available through pest control companies. But not every spider trap is equal. Some have glue scented like peanut butter (a problem for people with peanut allergies), some are simply monitor traps used to determine where the infestation is worst. Still other traps have a small amount of sticky glue, and others have large areas of coverage. How do you determine which trap works for you? We’ll help.

Help Promote CatchPower Standard Metrics

The variety of insect monitors, spider traps, specific species spider traps (brown recluse and hobo) as well as crawling insect traps makes a comparison nearly impossible between differing brands. With this in mind we will strive to discover useful CatchPower metrics published by either the pest control industry or even helping to spread consumer advocacy group metrics that may contribute to consumers ability to make fair comparisons of house spider trap brands and their attributes.

Among the CatchPower Metrics we will include at a minimum Active Trap Field (ATF) and Trap Active Catch Field ( TACF ).

When possible we will publish these objective measures so YOU can decide what works best in your bedroom, bathroom, basement, crawl space, garage or where ever you deploy your traps.

Information about all kinds of Spider Traps

We will offer reviews of current spider trap offerings, post comments about the techniques used by pest control companies, and answer your spider trap questions. We’re getting started the summer of 2012, so book mark us and stay current.

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