Catching Bedroom Spiders

Every month here at TrapsDirect we sponsor a photo contest in which we invite customers to send us their most impressive photo showing the outstanding spider catching ability of our custom line of spider traps. Many times, a picture does truly speak a thousand words, or in this case, at least a dozen spiders. Customers who submit one of the three best photos of the month receive a gift certificate that can be redeemed for 12 spider traps. In addition, all customers who submit a photo showing a used spider trap with at least 3 spiders caught will receive 10% off coupon to be applied to a future order. Here at TrapsDirect, it pays to take and submit a photo of your spider trapping success stories.

Spiders Caught in Bedroom

Spiders Caught in Bedroom

Our customer Margaret submitted this excellent photo showing how our traps can succeed in catching spiders in your home, just as they did in hers. She wrote in with her photo to tell us the following:

“This spider trap was in my bedroom on the floor for about a week, and it already caught three giant spiders!!”

Of course we are very happy that the traps are working out for Margaret and that the spiders ended up in the trap instead of under, or worse yet, in her bed! If you are facing problems with spiders and are looking for a completely non-toxic product that is safe for pets and children, unlike sprays and powders, then give our line of spider traps a try today. Just like Margaret, we think you will be glad that you did.