Green Spider Traps – Home 288i revision C

Green Insect & Spider Traps

You may have already heard, but in case you haven’t….  Traps Direct in partnership with AP&G / Catchmaster has launched a design update to the 288i insect monitor and trap.     The new home owner design eliminates the top objections heard from home owners regarding the difficult industrial appearance of the spider trap.  Namely the RED trap color and  Bug Logo, Text and monitoring grid which all appear on the top of the insect trap. 

Rethinking what goes where

Instead of logos on top, and empty space on the bottom of the trap,  Traps Direct moved things around (from left to right)

Residential Home use spider insect trap redesign

Residential Spider Trap – No Logo – Textured Top

  • IPM – Date Grid :
    Removed – Unnecessary  for residential use Replaced with a Green Textured Pattern
  • Placed on date:
    Moved to more discreet bottom edge of side
  • Catchmaster Logo :
    Replaced with Traps Direct and Moved to Bottom
    Replaced with a Green Textured Pattern

Green Spider trap? Judge for your self:

Once assembled the changes become obvious, the logo heavy red is replaced by a green that almost gets missed by the eye:

Green Design Brown Recluse Spider Trap

Green Home Spider Trap vs Red Industrial